“To work towards uplifting households out of poverty by supporting them in income generation activities through financial intermediation.”

“To provide financial assistance to 2 million households by 2020 across India, so as to significantly improve their living standards. Our endeavour is to build a sustainable microfinance model that not only delivers high standards of service and value to our customers but is also rewarding to all our stakeholders.”

Our Business Principles: Our business philosophy is driven by following our core values which guide & inspire us to build a customer friendly, transparent & valuable institution. Our core values are as follows :

Customer First: We always put the customer’s well-being and needs first. Empathy and respect for our customers is at the heart of our business.

Ethical Practice: Our practices are always transparent and in consonance with the law.

Quality Processes: Through technology and efficient processes our endeavor is to deliver superior products & services which are of consistent quality.