IT Vision:

Enabling organization and business operations into efficient process running on robust, scalable, flexible and secured IT system.

At SVCL, technology plays a critical role in how we function. All offices are IT enabled from day one. IT team understands the need of real time, robust, secured, flexible and scalable system for which team is working on all three major constituents of technology. All three constituents work together to deliver an effective system.

SVCL Application Suite - An overview :-

1. Online/Realtime web based application
2. Integrated
3. Automated
4. Secured

Effective system will have many benefits:

Efficiency: Higher operational efficiencies mean considerable cost savings in the long run. Quicker client response time will lead to customer satisfaction and trust which is crucial for building the business.

Flexibility: Being able to access data on a real time basis allows us to be more pro-active and responsive to marketplace stimuli and thus giving us a greater competitive advantage.

Transparency: Client queries can be addressed immediately on a real time basis which helps to alleviate doubts and build rapport and trust. This is crucial to business growth and development.

Data Security: Our huge bank of valuable data is protected through adoption of best security practices and by ensuring differing levels of access and privileges.

Scalability: Rapid expansions both horizontally (increasing portfolio) and vertically (increasing penetration) are possible

Automation is KEY to operational efficiency hence few of the projects are planned as next steps towards automation. These are:

Mobile solution for Field operations and its officer's tracking
Bio metric authentication of clients.