SV Creditline Pvt. Ltd. (SVCL) is registered as a Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC-MFI) under Reserve Bank of India under Section 451A having its Corporate Office in Gurugram (Haryana). It started its operations in January 2010 by opening up branches in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan and later expanded to Bihar, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Jharkhand.

SVCL is one of the few new generation MFI to have high initial capitalisation since inception. In the medium to long term, SVCL plans to be an MFI having a strong regional focus and presence in Northern and Central India.

SVCL has been promoted by Vans Pte. Ltd. and SV Corporation Pvt. Ltd. with the vision of uplifting “entrepreneurial poor” through giving them easy access to credit for their income generation endeavors. Objective to promote these entrepreneurs is complemented with relevant financial tools enabling them in re-engineering and uplifting their financial status as a long-term impact.

SVCL’s value proposition is to be customer-centric which is amply reflected in product offerings, simplified and efficient processes, transparent pricing structure & strong customer service orientation. Customers are reached through trained field staff operating from conveniently located and easily accessible branches. Field staff is trained to drive SVCL objective at grass root level and providing the much needed comfort to the customers. Leadership team's focus is to use technology in streamlining business operations and work continuously to innovate processes based on valuable customer feedbacks.