Client Stories

Client Stories


June 8, 2010
Client's Name: Bedami
Age: 43 Years
Location: Village – Patwari Ka Bans, Shrimadhopur, Dist. Sikar, Rajasthan
Loan Utilization: Dairy
Engagement in Activity: Self & Husband
Family Member: 7 Members
Total Loan Cycle: 4 cycles
Cumulative Borrowings: Rs. 51,000
Client since: June 8, 2010
PPI Scoring (Loan Cycle-wise): 13 – 17 – 22 - 36

Bedami is a typical Indian housewife married to Mr. Rudh Mal Yogi and is a mother of 5 Children. They belong to Patwari Ka Bans, a small village in Rajasthan. Her husband... had a small Dairy business and since beginning, she has been actively involved and supporting her husband in their business. She always got worried about their family and used to strive hard to earn moderate income to hold the responsibilities of a big family. In pursuit to get rid from these financial problems, fate introduced her with SVCL where she experienced the first Micro Credit Finance Facility on 8th June 2010 and got the credit assistance of Rs. 10,000/- from SVCL. She invested the entire sum in their dairy business. This credit facility made a noteworthy change in their livelihood. Prior to SVCL, they had just a single cow as their only source of milk production which used to generate them the profit of just Rs. 180/- per day. Post availing credit facility from SVCL, they managed to add one more source to expand their dairy business. All their hard work got paid off as their income jumped from the level of Rs. 180/- to Rs. 480/- per day within a short span of 3 years. They are highly obliged to SVCL for giving them the opportunity to become confident to run their own business and contentedly carrying the family responsibilities on their shoulders.


February 22, 2010
Client's Name: Gudiya
Age: 32 Years
Location: Lala Ka Nagla , Distt. Hathras, UP
Loan Utilization: Tailoring Business
Engagement in Activity: Self & Husband
Family Member: 6 Members
Total Loan Cycle: 4 cycles
Cumulative Borrowings: Rs. 53,000
Client since: February 22, 2010
PPI Scoring (Loan Cycle-wise): 40 – 56 – 80 - 86

Gudiya is a 32 years old housewife from Hathras who lives with her Husband Pramod and in-laws and has got two children. Pramod was the sole earner of their family who used... to do work under someone as a Tailor. His income was not sufficient enough to fulfill even their basic needs. Better life was like a dream for them which were not meant to be real. Gudiya was finding it very difficult to carry out her domestic responsibilities due to persistent money problems. It was then, she got introduced to SVCL and with the assistance of SVCL Micro credit facility, she purchased a sewing machine and cloth raw materials to start their own tailoring business. This was like a stepping stone towards their better life. Initially, she purchased single Sewing Machine to slowly gear up the business. Over a period of time and with the help of SVCL subsequent credit assistances, the no. of machines got increased and later her husband also joined her tailoring business. At the starting, she used to earn Rs. 2500/- as her net monthly income post deduction of raw materials expenses. Now she owned 6 Sewing Machines and has also got 4 people under her for completing the orders. Steadily, her income swelled up to the range of Rs. 2000/- monthly per machine. This micro-credit assistance brought a huge change in her life which gave her courage to transform their life completely.


January 25, 2012
Client's Name: Kala BAI
Age: 45 Years
Location: Thakur Khateek Pura, Distt Raisen, Madhya Pradesh
Loan Utilization: Statue Making
Engagement in Activity: Self & Husband
Family Member: 4 Members
Total Loan Cycle: 3 cycles
Cumulative Borrowings: Rs. 37,000
Client since: January 25, 2012
PPI Scoring (Loan Cycle-wise): 13 – 17 – 22 - 36

Kala is a typical village lady. After getting married with Mr. Nathuram Prajapati, she shifted to Raisen, a town in Madhya Pradesh. She is mother of two children. Her hus... band is a Statue Maker and since beginning, Kala actively involved herself to assist her husband in their small business which was also a single source of income for their living. Initially on 25th January 2012 to gear up their business for a smooth run, she availed credit assistance of Rs. 10,000 from SVCL. Gradually, over a period of time, she took two more credits for a better run. That whole amount went to their Statue Making business which allowed them to be affirmative towards life which also helped them to start fulfilling their needs and responsibilities. With the help of SVCL, like their profession, they managed to shape up and improve their lives.