Fair Practices

Fair Practices

The Company has adopted Fair Practice Code by mean of Board Resolution passed through Circulation vide approval dated August 01, 2015 and Customer Grievance Policy vide Board Resolution dated January 30, 2015.

The Board of Directors of the Company adopted the Vigil Mechanism Policy vide Board's approval dated July 17, 2014.

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हिन्दी संस्करण

English Version

हिन्दी संस्करण

Vigil Mechanism-Whistleblower Policy

CSR Policy


  1. We shall provide microfinance services to any low-income client who is an Indian citizen, irrespective of race, caste, religion or language.
  2. We shall interact with our clients in an empathetic and respectful manner.
  3. We shall maintain decency and decorum while visiting the client for collection of dues.
  4. We shall scrupulously avoid any behavior that suggests any kind of threat or violence.
  5. Except for the loan installments as mentioned in the loan card and applicable fees & charges for which receipts are provided, customers need not pay any extra amount in cash or kind to the staff or any other person.
  6. Any type of asset will not be required to be kept as collateral against any loan in Joint Liability Group (JLG) model.
  7. SVCL staff should acknowledge each and every financial transaction in presence of members through receipt or entry in the loan card.
  8. Loan application forms will not be returned to the members as it is the property of the organization.
Grievance Redressal Mechanism

The Company will display the following information prominently for the benefit of our customers at their branches / places where business is transacted as well as on the website of the Company:

Level 1:

The name and contact details (Telephone / Mobile nos. as also email address) of the Grievance Redressal Officer who can be approached by the public for resolution of complaints against the Company -

  • Grievance Redressal Officer : Jitender Kaur Gurnani
  • Designation- Assistant Manager
  • Toll Free Number - 1800-120-9040
  • Email address- grievance@svcl.in
Level 2:
  • If the complaint is not resolved within 15 days, the customer will complaint to the CEO of the Company -
  • Mr. Rakesh Dubey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
  • SV Creditline Limited,
  • Registered Office- 815, 8th Floor, Hemkunt Chamber, 89, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019, India, or
  • Corporate Office- 5th Floor, Tower B, SAS Towers, Medicity, Sector-38, Gurugram, Haryana - 122001
  • by letter or by email to grievance@svcl.in.
Level 3:

If the complaint / dispute is not redressed within a period of one month, the customer may appeal to the Officer-in-Charge of the Regional Office of DNBS of RBI under whose jurisdiction the registered office of the SVCL falls and the complete details of the said Officer-in-charge will be available at all the branches -

Department of Non-Banking Supervision Reserve Bank of India
चरण १:

शिकायत के समाधान के लिए आप निम्नलिखित शिकायत निवारण अधिकारी से संपर्क कर सकते है -

  • शिकायत निवारण अधिकारी : जितेंद्र कौर गुरनानी
  • पद -असिस्टेंट मैनेजर
  • टोल फ्री नंबर - 1800-120-9040
  • ई मेल करें - grievance@svcl.in
चरण २:

यदि शिकायत का समाधान १५ दिन के भीतर नहीं होता, उस स्तिथि में ग्राहक कंपनी के मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी (सीईओ) से चिट्ठी अथवा ईमेल (grievance@svcl.in) से संपर्क कर सकते है -

  • श्री राकेश दुबे,
  • मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी (सीईओ),
  • एस.वी. क्रेडिटलाइन लिमिटेड,
  • रजिस्टर्ड ऑफिस:८१५, आठवीं मंज़िल , हेमकुंट चैम्बर , ८९, नेहरू प्लेस, नई दिल्ली - ११००१९, भारत
  • कॉर्पोरेट ऑफिस: पांचवी मंजिल, टॉवर बी, एस ए एस टॉवर्स, मेडिसिटी, सेक्टर - ३८, गुरुग्राम, हरियाणा - १२२००१
चरण ३:

यदि शिकायत का समाधान १ महीने के भीतर नहीं होता तो ग्राहक आर.बी.आई के गैर बैंकिंग पर्यवेक्षण विभाग के क्षेत्रीय कार्यालय के प्रभारी अधिकारी जिनके अधिकार क्षेत्र में कंपनी का रजिस्टर्ड ऑफिस आता है , उसको अपनी शिकायत की प्रार्थना कर सकते हैंI प्रभारी अधिकारी का विवरण कंपनी की सभी शाखाओ पर उपलब्ध हैं -

  • गैर बैंकिंग पर्यवेक्षण विभाग, भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक।
  • दिल्ली क्षेत्रीय कार्यालय
  • संसद मार्ग,
  • नई दिल्ली - 110001
  • बोर्ड नंबर: 011-23318759,
  • ई मेल: dnbsnewdelhi@rbi.org.in