Target Customers

Target Customers

Our success depends on the success of our customers. Fueled by boundless aspirations and the infectious energy in identifying our customers, understanding their needs to ascertain specific solution, SVCL is unequivocally committed to all its customers and thus conserves an inviolable relationship with them.

Who are our Customers?

SVCL targets women from low income segment of society (having annual household income Rs. 100,000/- in Rural Areas and Rs. 160,000/- in Urban Areas) who are engaged in some income generating activities or who intend to start a new one on their own but have been barred access to the conventional financial services from the bank due to the lack of collateral presence.

These underserved communities have limited access to capital for supporting economic activities, managing emergencies or to start any new monetary activities. SVCL offers them a range of small credit facilities as per their need which gives a boost to their income and help to take them out from a vulnerable lot. The borrowers intend to utilize the borrowed amount for income generating activities which includes farm as well as non-farm related activities such as animal husbandry, trading, production etc.

Where are they?

Our prospective customers domicile in the rural & semi-urban regions of the country and come under lower strata of society. SVCL ascertains, identifies and covers these untapped areas by having its branches spread all over these locations to operate in and provide loans to the customers who reside within 30 km radius of its branch.

How we reach them?

SVCL with a dogged persuasion has adopted detailed approach in identification of these target clients. There are well defined eligibility criteria such as age, sex, habitation, ownership of house, etc.

In addition, SVCL uses other criteria i.e. the physical condition of the house, PPI score and the value of the total productive household assets to assess the eligibility of prospective client.

To cater to the needs of these clients and giving them a platform to prove their potential and make them self-reliant, SVCL transmits its determined Field Staffs to meet these financially excluded families in their village, organize a meeting at their place, explaining them about our products and services offered and endeavoring to unburden their financial duress.